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SLBF LTDThe Sierra Leone Business Forum (SLBF) Ltd. is a structured partnership that brings the Government of Sierra Leone and the private sector together to engage in constructive dialogue aimed at identifying, prioritizing and resolving key constraints to private sector development.

It seeks to fill an institutional gap that has emerged as Sierra Leone pursues Private Sector Development and the accompanying need for a Public Private Dialogue.

The SLBF was launched in 2007 when the Government and private sector of Sierra Leone endorsed the creation of a new mechanism to facilitate dialogue on investment climate issues with the objective of achieving a measurable enhancement of the environment for private sector activity that will lead to the creation of employment, poverty alleviation and economic growth in the country.

The mandate of the SLBF is to support private sector development by helping create a better investment climate and business environment through providing a mechanism for consistent and productive dialogue between stakeholders. 

As a neutral dialogue forum which represents the views of the private sector, the SLBF has been active in promoting issues related to access to finance, supporting the World Bank’s RABI programme and assisting the government in developing its private sector strategy.

SLBF is a platform for:

  • Consensus building.
  • Advocacy and consultation on private sector development.
  • Supporting advocacy for reform within government.
  • Supporting the private sector’s ability to engage with government on the development of economic policy.
  • Outreach, public awareness and communication.

The SLBF is the recipient of a grant from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) that is being used to finance the SLBF’s operational expenses and to implement activities that support dialogue between the government and the private sector based on the identification and prioritization of business environment reforms during 2010-12. The main rationale for making a grant to SLBF is to assist SLBF to transition from a fully IFC dependent PPD platform to a locally owned and financially autonomous institution operating at the direction of its own governing body (Board of Directors), soliciting and securing funding from government, donors, companies and other parties.


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