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2nd Private Sector RoundtableThe primary objective of these conferences is to provide the platform for a constructive discussion between the Government of Sierra Leone and key stake holders to dialogue on issues affecting the private sector and jointly determine reforms that would stimulate economic growth.

They were co-hosted by the Sierra Leone Business Forum and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The holding of these conferences signals government’s strides towards sustained economic growth and thus poverty reduction.

First Private Sector Roundtable Conference

It was held on the 25th March 2010 and six sectors were considered, namely; Electricity, Tourism, Agriculture, Fisheries, Finance and Telecommunications. High tariff rates and transparency in the billing system were the main issues discussed under the energy sector. As regards tourism, obtaining necessary permits and licenses, infrastructural development were some of the issues highlighted which poses challenge for this sector to develop. Access to finance, inefficient value chains and the rehabilitation of feeder roads were the key challenges facing the agricultural sector. Similarly, in the Telecommunication sector, foreign exchange regulation and liberalizing the international gateway were identified as one of the solutions that would ease the cost of Doing Business in the country.

Second Private Sector Roundtable Conference

The objective of this roundtable conference was to discuss the Opportunities and Constraints for Growth of the Sierra Leone Private Sector and was held on the 5th August 2010. Presentations were made by representatives of National Revenue Authority (status of ASYCUDA++), SLIEPA on investment promotion, Private Sector Advisor in the Office of the President on the Doing Business Reforms, Bank of Sierra Leone/Bankers Association (Access to long term finance), Ministry of Lands, Country Planning and Environment (Status of Land Reforms) and Ministry of Labour (Labour Reforms).

Third Private Sector Roundtable Conference

The roundtable conference was held on the 29th October 2010 and the theme focused on “The opportunities and constraints for growth of the Energy Sector in Sierra Leone”. Presentations were made by the Sierra Leone Manufacturers Association (SLAM), Sierra Leone Indigenous Business Association (SLIBA), and the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (SLCCIA) on energy constraints faced by the private sector. In addition, the Minister of Energy and Water Resources gave a brief talk about the policies presently in their implementation stage and the future plans of the Ministry.

Fourth Private Sector Roundtable Conference

This roundtable discussion was held on 7th December 2010 and the theme focused on “The opportunities and constraints for growth of the Sierra Leone private sector – Access to finance and the financial cost of doing business”. The main issue of concern at this meeting was how the private sector can access long term capital that will stimulate economic growth and reduce poverty in Sierra Leone.


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